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                                                                                   manuel neri

                Manuel Neri is one of America's premier figurative sculptors.
                His works on paper are brilliant and colorful expressions of emotion.
                He is best known for his groundbreaking figurative works of plaster
                sculpture. "Throughout his career he has continued to explore content of
                the human form. Chalk-white faceless, each of his plaster figures carries
                marks both of its emergence and of its erosion, intimating the change
                inherent in the apparently static present." Christina Orr-Cahall, Chief
                Curator, Oakland Museum of Art

                Manuel Heri was born in Sanger, CA. He resides in the Bay Area and has
                attended U.C. Berkeley and California College of Arts and Crafts (CCAC),
                in Oakland, CA. He has been an enormously talented and successful
                artist for over forty years and has exhibited his creations all over the
                world. His works are in major museums and private collections.