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Art Book

In November, 2007, Peter Selz curated an exhibition at b. sakata garo. The show was comprised of well-known California artists, listed below, as well as Christo and Jeanne-Claude.

Ariel   Fletcher Benton   Bruce Conner   Enrique Chagoya   Roy De Forest   Stephen De Staebler   Rupert Garcia   Bruce Hasson   Joel Issacson   Frank La Pena   Hung Liu   Jim Melchert   Nathan Oliveira   Linda Psomas   Richard Shaw   Jack Stuppin   Peter Voulkos   William T. Wiley  

An unbound, 85-page art book (13" x 9 1/2") is available. It has a black acrylic cover,a red clip binding and comes in a black corduroy bag. The book has an introduction by Paul Karlstrom, former West Coast Director of Smithsonian's Archives of American Art. In addition, Dr. Susan Landauer, Chief Curator of the San Jose Museum of Art, conducted an interview with Peter Selz which is included in the book.

Each artist wrote a tribute to Peter. The individual artists' work were photographed for the book and each is suitable for framing.

The Sacramento Printers Association awarded this book the gold award for excellent craftmaship.

The book is available only through selected venues as well as this website. The book is available for $95.00 plus tax and shipping. Please call for the wholesale price at (916) 447-4276 or e-mail