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December 16, 2004
Art Pick of the Week

University challenge
By Saunthy Nicolson-Singh, Sacramento News & Review

Kevin Ptak "Until", foam, wire mesh, wood and latex paint; 2004.
Check out the big clay head at b. sakata garo, located at 923 20th Street. That’s what going to school does for you, as evidenced in Art Bowl IV , the gallery’s fourth annual graduate-student art exhibit, which runs through the end of the month. Students from UC Davis; California State University, Sacramento; San Francisco State University; and San Jose State University are featured in this show of more than 30 works in a variety of media. While there are some two-dimensional works, including a notable piece by Maria Partridge from CSUS it’s sculpture--like the aforementioned ceramic piece by Hedwig Brouckaert from UC Davis--that steals the show. It’s fun, too, to look at the work and try to guess which student hails from which school. Upon investigating Kevin Ptak’s work, intriguing clay figures whose spindly limbs drip pathos, it’s too easy to figure out that he studies in CSUS’ Kadema Hall under the influence of artist Robert Brady. Call (916) 447-4276 for more information.