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March 22, 2013
Critic Pick

Gong Yuebin

By Victoria Dalkey, The Sacramento Bee art correspondent

"Tai Chi Walk"
Gong Yuebin's quick, spontaneous drawings at b. sakata garo record sights the artist saw during four months along China's Yellow River. Gong is best known for his large-scale installations, among them "Site 2801," an army of ancient Chinese warriors made of clay expanding on China's famous terra cotta warriors. But the works in "Along the Yellow River" are intimate in scale.

Having broken his fragile health through a series of massive installations, he was advised by his doctor to stop doing such heavy and elaborate projects. Because he had always wanted to travel the length of the Yellow River, the China-born artist set out on a 5,400-kilometer trip from Tibet to Tai Chi (Wu Dang) mountain. Along the way he worked only with ink and brushes to chronicle his trip.

The results are a series of absolutely charming drawings of farmers with camels and oxen, the original terra cotta warriors in situ, scenes from Han dynasty art works, Taoist palaces and figures doing tai chi. A series of drawings depicts objects and images from the Han Dynasty, among them a war cart and a scene of hunters. There are fascinating images of Potala Palace, winter abode of the Dalai Lama, and other landmarks as well as people, including a portrait of Mr. Yang, who discovered the site of the terra cotta warriors.

More than a mere travelogue, these drawings are a testament to Gong's skills as a brush painter and his connection to traditional Chinese art with modern twists.

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