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Arts & Entertainment /June 1999 by Dawn Blunk, Sacramento Magazine

Seen for the first time in Sacramento, artist Kurt Steger's wood and mixed
-media sculptures span a variety of cultural themes. " I try to stay out of
the place of knowing what influences my work. some times people feel there
is a Japanese influence or an American Indian influence. This series seems
to have a very African or Aboriginal influence to it,"says Steger, whose
21-year background in woodworking includes cabinetry and fine furniture

From June 11 though July 7, Steger will show his work at the new B.
Sakata Garo gallery, with a reception on June 12 from 7 to 9 p.m.

Steger places high value on three-dimensional aspect of sculpture. "I have
been musing lately about how flat our world is becoming, so media driven
that much of our world is happening on the screen nowadays," says Steger.
"Giving people something they can acutely walk around, especially something
that's abstract or undefined-it's really touched me lately how important
sculpture can be to help people relate and give people different
perspectives on life."

B. Sakata Garo is located at 923 20th St. Call 447-4276 for more information.