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July 22, 2012
Critic's Pick

David Linger

By Victoria Dalkey, The Sacramento Bee art correspondent

Figures walk on a beach in this untitled work by David Linger.
David Linger's subdued and haunting images use an unconventional techinque on a precious material. These underglaze screen prints with intaglio etcing on procelain are quiet and mediative works that include submerged texts that give the porcelain a delicate texture.

"Car" is a triptych in which an indistinct vehicle emerges on the left as an expanse of gray ocean stretches out to the right. "Crowd" features seven panels joined in a horizontal format with faint figurers emerging from a landscape that resembles a Japanese screen. In "No Crowd" tow lone figures, one running, one with his back turned, are placed in front of a beach an an immense ocean.

In another format, large rectangles made up of three rows each of three panesl, shadowy figures emerge behind what might be a rainy window. Ironically titled "Pinky" and "Blue Boy," they are blurry doppelgangers for Thomas Gainsborough's fancy boy and Thomas Lawrence's equally famous girl. Yet they are quire elegant in a contemporary way, as are of Linger's fine works.

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